Value Of Shipping

Many do not realize that almost everything that we use in our daily lives, we owe to shipping.

That’s right, every imaginable product or cargo is carried by commercial ships that travel across oceans and continents. In fact, 90% of the world’s food, energy resources, and products are transported onboard these super-sized shipping vessels, bringing almost everything that we need within our reach—making modern life as we enjoy it today, wonderfully possible.

Safety onboard these ships is the number one priority.
Thus, it is important for everyone onboard the ship to be competent in their work and able to work together to navigate the ship towards its port or country of destination—safely and without trouble. To become part of bringing this valuable service to the world, one must be equipped to take on the challenges of the seafaring profession

The maritime profession remains very popular among young Filipinos, because there are great opportunities for career promotion and advancement. In addition, of course, the opportunity to embark on a great adventure, travel to various countries, and experience other cultures.

At NTMA, we prepare our students (we call them cadets) to take on the challenge of participating in this noble and dignified profession. Guided by a holistic program, we transform mere boys into licensed marine officers and engineers who are at the forefront of manning ships of various types that provide valuable service to the global society.