It is best that you ask yourself what attracted you to pursue maritime as a college program and as a career. Is it because you want to help your family? Is it because of the salary? Or is it because travelling the world for free is a dream and an adventure? Or because someone is forcing you to take this path (we hope not). Whatever your reasons are, we want to impress upon you that while seafaring really has its benefits, it is a very serious commitment to a profession at sea where you are part of transporting valuable products like food and essentials to the rest of the world.[Learn more. Click Value of Shipping]

Well, this goes to say that if you see yourself as working at sea, you must be prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally to handle yourself in such working environment.

Nowadays, seafarers not only enjoy a beneficial career at sea but also take advantage of vast opportunities on land working in crewing companies, maritime schools, and maritime training centers or in other landbased jobs abroad in shipping companies and the like.

Answer 1.After reflecting on the reasons for becoming a professional merchant mariner someday, the next step is finding the right school that will help you prepare towards the achievement of your dream.

Unlike other maritime schools, our student population is comparatively small. This means we are able to monitor and supervise the development and progression of our cadets into professional seafarers.

We invite you to read and learn from the testimonies of our graduates and cadets and their families on choosing NTMA via #NTMAYugtoRY, #shareagiftofntma, and ##bangonntmanlalayag in Facebook.

Answer 2. At NTMA, we offer the following:

  • Guaranteed Employment and Career Opportunities (at sea and on land) after graduation

  • NTMA is an “Officer school.” The Academy has produced over a thousand graduates since its first batch of graduates in 2011. NTMA graduates have successfully passed the licensure examinations for deck and engine officers conducted by the Philippine government.

    NTMA implements together with NYK-Fil Ship Management, Inc. (NYK-FIL) an Education-to Employment-to-Retention-to-Retirement (E2R2) strategy for the career development of its graduates. NYK-FIL, a crew manning agency established in 1989 owned by NYK Line and TDG, handles the professional growth of Filipino seafarers employed by NYK Line. NTMA graduates are provided with guaranteed employment on board various NYK Line vessels with opportunities to reach their highest potential as Masters (Captain) or Chief Engineer onboard or as technical instructors or shipping executives ashore.

  • Guaranteed On Board Training on International-going Vessels

  • After successfully passing three (3) years of academic requirements on campus, Cadets have guaranteed one-year structured shipboard training in NYK training ships and regular cargo vessels. During the onboard training, three (3) months are conducted onboard NYK Line training ships and nine (9) months onboard regular vessels of NYK Line.

  • Study-Now-Pay-Later Program Available to all Cadets

  • NTMA offers financial aid scheme to underprivileged yet deserving Cadets to ensure that no Cadet is denied admission to the Academy due to financial reasons. Under this Program, Cadets may avail of financial support to cover tuition, miscellaneous, board and lodging fees while studying in NTMA. Payment is through salary deduction and begins upon deployment as a regular officer onboard an NYK vessel.

  • Holistic Maritime Education

  • The development of NTMA cadet is not solely focused on their core academics but their “whole person” to include values and leadership and physical, emotional, and social aspects in preparation for their future role as leaders/officers onboard the ship.

    The Academy promotes the highest standards in maritime education through a competency and outcomes-based maritime industry-driven curriculum that employs a variety of teaching methods delivered by highly qualified faculty who themselves are active seafarers. At NTMA which is a boarding school, Cadets have direct and extensive access to modern facilities and equipment.

    Effective AY 2024-2025, NTMA will be welcoming its first women cadets since its opening in 2007.

    Please see below requirement if you are qualified:

  • Senior high school student expecting to graduate at the end of SY 2023-2024 from a high school accredited by the Department of Education; or
  • Senior high school graduate last SY 2022-2023 or previous years; or
  • Enrolled in college or university accredited by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED)
  • Filipino, man or woman, single
  • Not more than 22 years old by August 2024
  • First of all, we salute you for already thinking about your future this early.

    Ship operations have become modernized and increasingly automated, thus people, especially the marine officers, running the ship must have the technical ability to navigate using state-of-the-art technologies and operate and maintain ship’s power plants and to come up with logical solutions when problems arise.

    Having a good foundation in mathematics and science provides a headstart for students who would like to go into the maritime field.

    Yes, NTMA offers financial aid scheme to underprivileged yet deserving Cadets to ensure that no Cadet is denied admission to the Academy due to financial reasons. Under this Program, Cadets may avail of financial support to cover tuition, miscellaneous, board and lodging fees while studying in NTMA. Payment is through salary deduction and begins upon deployment as a regular officer onboard an NYK vessel.

    Here are the steps you will take:

    Step 1. Submit duly filled out and error-free online Application Form
    Step 2. Take the NTMA Entrance Examination (NTMAEE)
    Step 3. Undergo and pass the online Interview
    Step 4. Undergo Pre-Enrollment Briefing in NTMA campus (to include Physical Fitness Test)
    Step 5. Undergo Pre-Enrollment Medical Examination and declared fit
    Step 6. Undergo a Psychodiagnostic Test and attain passing score
    Step 7. Submit Documentary Requirements if availing of Study-Now-Pay-Later Program
    Step 8. Submit Admission Requirements
    Step 9. Undergo Pre-Berthing Briefing
    Step 10. Undergo Immersion Period
    Step 11. Pay applicable school fees and enroll

    The NTMAEE is free of charge.

    From September to January next year, the NTMAEE will be conducted via online and face-to-face but in selected areas/venues in the country only. Exam slots will be on a first-come-first serve basis.

    Test venues/schedules will be announced and updated regularly via the Academy’s website and official Facebook page.

    An applicant is allowed to only take the NTMAEE once in an examination year (between September 2023 to January 2024).

    The Application Form is accessible on the NTMA website ( For more information about this Form, see Guidelines for the NTMA Application Form.

    Deadline of submission of Application Forms shall be announced via the NTMA Facebook page.

    Answer 1. To take the Entrance Examination, you must submit a duly filled out and error-free NTMA Application Form for AY2024-2025.

    Answer 2. After passing the Entrance Examination, you will be required to submit scanned clear photocopy of the following documents. We encourage you to prepare these documents in advance.

    • PSA-issued Birth certificate
    • COVID-19 Full Vaccination Card/Record (Booster shot is encouraged)
    • Vaccination Records (with dates) of the following:
    1. Proof of Hepa B vaccine (3 shots, in proper intervals)
    2. Proof of Hepa B Booster vaccine
    3. Proof of Measles / MMR vaccine
    4. Proof of Varicella vaccine (1 shot, if not yet infected) or booster (if infected already)
    Answer 3. Once you are deemed qualified to enroll, you will be required to submit the following original documents:
    • Original PSA Birth Certificate
    • Certificate of Candidate for Graduation or Original Copy of Report Card (Form 138), for SHS Graduate
    • Original Transfer Credentials, if with College Background

    PEME covers physical tests, neuro psychological tests, and color-blindness tests to be administered by the Academy’s accredited medical provider, the Transnational Medical and Diagnostic Center (TMDC) located in Manila and Iloilo. PEME is a critical aspect of the screening process as only medically fit applicants must be selected given the nature of cadet training for their future as seafarers. Applicants must be aware of their medical history.



    You are correct. Applicants must NOT be color-blind. The Ishihara Test for color-blindness will be administered by NTMA's accredited medical clinic to NTMAEE passers qualified by NTMA. (Have an initial assessment, CLICK to take the Ishihara Test)

    The NTMAEE will consist of the following sections: IQ, Aptitude Test, Mathematics, Science, and English. It is really recommended to brush up on your senior high school learning and take time to review. After all, preparation is always the key.

    Sorry, as a policy, we do not release information about scores to applicants. Those who pass the NTMAEE will be informed via official channels and advised on the next step

    Updates, announcements, and instructions will only be done via the NTMA website, official Facebook channels (NYK-TDG Maritime Academy and NTMA Admission), and via your declared email address in your application form. It is best that you regularly check so you will be updated.

    Yes, you may as long as you are within the age limit. Please note that some of our highly-driven Cadets have taken the exam for 2-3 times before being admitted. So don’t lose hope.

    Yes, you may as long as you are within the age limit.

    As the pandemic eases up and restrictions to face-to-face classes are lifted, NTMA has resumed its face-to-face classes following the safety and health requirements set by the government.

    Please understand that when you avail of the SNPL Program, the fund being released to support your education was sourced from the payments done by NTMA graduates who, like you, have availed of the program. The SNPL Program applies the principle of “paying forward” wherein cadets also provide future cadets the same opportunity given to them. Hence, if you were to resigned or discontinue your studies, you are obligated to pay back the fund so others can also study.

    Not all maritime schools offer the following:

  • opportunities for a Study-Now-Pay-Later Program for all its cadets
  • guaranteed employment opportunities onboard and on land for all its graduates
  • guaranteed structured onboard training for all its cadets on specifically designed cadet training ships
  • holistic or “whole person” development of cadets that mold their strengths and abilities towards a fulfilling career and aptitude to reach their full potential
  • NTMA puts premium in the holistic development of its cadets and therefore implements a program that seeks to bring out discipline, teamwork, and resilience through structured daily routines and physical activities. NTMA implements a seniority system to develop the cadets’ leadership traits as expected from them when they go onboard.

    Physical fitness is a must for every cadet as each will be subjected to rigorous physical exercises to maintain an officer’s posture and bearing.

    Hazing and/or any physical contact is strictly prohibited and dealt severely in NTMA that can lead to a cadet’s dismissal from the Academy.